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Our Contributor Directory is full of businesses who are just as passionate as we are about helping new start businesses to ‘hit the ground running’! These local heroes offer their services to new businesses, thereby helping to relieve some of the pressures that come with running a company. As we at the Startup Pack continue to expand across the Midlands, we’re on the lookout for more companies, including sole traders, who are willing to put their expertise to the test and nurture start-ups.

We work by post code area and, where possible, we look to find providers of goods or services within the specific areas (territories) we are active in. We also only target those new businesses that are being set up by someone who has never set up their own business before i.e. those most likely to need help and guidance.

Here’s how you can benefit from being a Contributor:

Build Your Reputation

With around 200-300 new companies registering with Companies House in each of our territories each month, there is a huge pool of businesses looking to get off to a good start. We provide these new start-ups with our pre-approved list of businesses, ones that they can rely on, to whom they can outsource specific functions/jobs. This way we enable these companies to work with trustworthy partners. By appearing on this list, you will be marketed as a go-to business in your sector.

More Business

Naturally, the more people that know about your business, the more likely it is that work will come your way. If you’re listed in our directory, this opens you up to loads of potential business. Quite simply, your business will grow by helping other businesses grow.

Boost Local Economy

Over the past few years, we have seen calls to support the local economy, and this is something we’re keen to carry on. Whilst some categories, like banks, don’t always fit the local approach, most Contributors are local and keen to help the development of local businesses. Also worth mentioning that in this, not only do we have the backing of the local Chambers of Commerce and the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) but now the BBB (British Business Bank) as well!

Outsourcing Opportunities

We understand that running a business on your own can be tough which is your business will also, automatically, have access to our contributor directory. Your business may well, therefore, benefit from this. For example, if you’re in need of social media marketing expertise or accounting wizardry, we’ve got that covered!

So, if you are keen to trade with start-ups, and you have what it takes to help other businesses get off to the best start possible whilst boosting your own bottom line, get in touch about becoming a Contributor today!

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