Our New Finance Guide is Here!

Having sufficient funding is essential to get your new business off to a fantastic start. However, lots of new businesses struggle to get their heads around finances. It’s not something one often thinks about as an employee. This means, at the Startup Pack, we fully understand why new business owners may lack the knowledge and experience around funding. If this sounds like you, fear not as our finance guide is here to help!

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this helpful tool: 

Funding Options

There are many different funding options available to new-start and early-start businesses and this guide points you in the right direction towards the best options for you and your business. It assesses each option by looking at a list of things you need to consider before making an application.

What Funders Look For

Different funders have varying criteria that your business will need to meet before being able to apply for funding. We lay these out in an accessible way so you can quickly see what you need to do and/or have before submitting an application. This stops you wasting time pursuing funding options that are not suitable for you.


Sometimes we get carried away when talking about something we’re experts in. Just because we know what we’re talking about, it doesn’t mean everyone else does, so this guide explains some of the words and phrases you may see when looking for funding. We’ll help you understand the differences between equity and debt, secured and unsecured facilities, personal guarantees and more.

Ultimately, this guide seeks to help you make better choices when it comes to funding. We’re eager for you to discover the most appropriate funding option for your business to help you get off to the best start possible rather than just go for the first option you find.

If you’re looking to get your hands on our finance guide, all you need to do is register your interest on our homepage then you can download the Guide for FREE. You can also subscribe to our newsletters there, so you never miss an update from us! Yet more help and advice from the Startup Pack to help you to grow your new business. Feel free to call us on 01604 435 133 for more details on the services we provide.

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