Plans for extending outdoor hospitality welcomed

Since hospitality has been hit hard by Covid-19, the Government has launched The Hospitality Strategy to support the industry, especially bars, pubs, restaurants that have suffered the worst as a result of COVID. This recognition which is on top of the continued support for businesses through the government’s unprecedented £352 billion package of economic support comes in the form of the launch of a consultation over plans to make permanent some of the changes for outdoor hospitality introduced during the pandemic.

Among other proposals, this would allow street markets to open all year, while pubs, cafes and restaurants would also be able to, keep new structures such as marquees and additional seating with pavement licenses being extended. Another important concession, supporting local communities, will be that they will be able to hold outdoor markets for an unlimited number of days, something that many local communities have been requesting for many years. Despite generally welcoming this move, however, some in the hospitality sector are urging ministers to go further to promote and retain outdoor seating in the streets by restricting traffic in town and city centres.

Source: Sunday Telegraph,

The Startup Pack Comment:

A very welcome move, if it is confirmed. Following the traumas of COVID anything that can be done to regenerate community spirit has to be welcomed especially where it helps to regenerate local businesses.


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