The Startup Pack

What is The Start Up Pack?

Starting a new business can be both exciting and daunting.

Whether it is a great product or service that has prompted you to set up your business, or you have simply decided the time is right to take charge of your own destiny, then the foundations you put in place at the outset of your journey can seriously influence the chances of your business being a success.

The team at The Startup Pack have teamed up with local providers of services and supplies who are keen to support new businesses in the NN postcode. We refer to these providers as Contributors whose support has helped fund the production, contents and distribution of The Startup Pack – free of charge...


The Startup Guide

The Startup Guide Handbook containing information that it is hoped will be useful to any new business owner.

The Startup Finance Guide

Our FREE Finance Guide answers all you needed to know about finance.

  • Funding Options available to new-start and early-start businesses
  • Criteria what Funders Look For 
  • Explanation of terms and phases when sourcing funding options

Special Offers

We have exclusive startup offers from our contributors for new startups. 

The Contributor Directory

Providing details of, primarily, local service providers and product suppliers who have been identified as supporting new companies within the NN postcode.


To ensure you complete all of the necessary steps for a successful business.

Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is up-to-date with startup and management information. 

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